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Affordable Solar Resource is a pioneering solar power company based out of the town of Mountain View on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Since 2009, we've provided affordable prices on an array of solar power products and on installling and servicing quality solar-power sytems for local households and businesses. We are affordable because we believe in empowering all the people with solar power, beginning with our Hawaiian islands.

We provide a range of solar solutions: from solar hot water to grid-tie (net-metering) systems. But our specialty is designing and installing independent photovoltaic (PV ) power systems for homes or businesses.

So if you looking to save on your rising electric bill or you're living off-the-grid (not connected to your local electrical company's service), or if you desire to lower your 'carbon footprint', live 'clean and green'- sustainably, island-style - and help reduce our dependency on oil...then solar power is for you – and the most practical solution. We make it affordable, even helping provide financing for solar power installations to your home or business.

We offer Solar Power Packages for every need: Our Solar Power DC Freezer packages come with DC refrigeration/freezers that can provide up to 16 cubic feet of food storage as well as power a water pump, and lights for most households.

Our Power Packs come in different sizes, generating from 1.0 to 4.0 or more KiloWatt-Hours of clean, reliable 120 volt AC electrical power – the electricity needed to run your 120v appliances and electronics like entertainment centers or offices.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please browse and take a look at all our system packages and what they offer.


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